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Hangzhou Jingjiangyuan
Hangzhou Jingjiangyuan
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Hangzhou Jingjiangyuan (Zhijiang Apartment Stage 2) is located at the southern end of Qiantangjiang River Bridge with Xihuan Line on its west and Dongxin Avenue on its east. Adjacent to several institutions of higher learning, it covers an overall floorage of nearly 100,000m2 and enjoys convenient traffic. Surrounded by the prosperity, it is quiet inside. Jiangjiangyuan takes advantage of the great and boundless riverside landscape and enhances each other’s beauty with the Wuyun Mountain and Pagoda of Six Harmonies across the river.    

The inherent intelligence of water makes Jingjiangyuan’s theme of “ecological water-view courtyard” extremely natural and harmonious. The four groups of linked small high-rise apartments with elevators on the south are arranged in arc shape to encircle the entire area; the five paralleled landscape-view small high-rise buildings on the northern side form a multi-level enclosed courtyard space. The modern creative architectural style matches perfectly with the natural scene. The scenery presents a leisure and pure state of mind feeling with running river as a background.

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