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Taizhou Milky Way Mingyuan
Taizhou Milky Way Mingyuan
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Taizhou Milky Way Mingyuan is located in Hongjia Town in Shujiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang. With Donghua Avenue (Provincial Road No.75) on its east and Hongjia Nanhuan Line on its north and opposite to Hongjia Decoration City, it enjoys convenient traffic. The consumer groups are radiated to Luqiao, Wenling, Yuhuan, etc. The overall floorage of the project is over 400,000m2, whereas the above ground area is 270,000m2 of which the commercial area is 61,644m2 and townhouses and high-rise buildings is around 200,000m2. It is a top rated residential area which integrates both high-end high-rise apartments and a commercial plaza. The company cooperates with world leading teams like Hong Kong Liuwu and EG International to write the new legend of Hongjia Town together.       

The townhouses were launched in October, 2011 and the high-rise buildings were also launched to the market in June, 2012. The commercial part of the project has successfully signed agreement with DERLOOK. It is estimated to start construction in September, 2012 and start operation in the first half of 2014.

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