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Hangzhou Backstreet in Deqing
Hangzhou Backstreet in Deqing
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Hangzhou Backstreet (Yuyingfang Business Street) is located at the center of Deqing, a city which is called “a land of famous mountains, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of silk and a land of bamboo and tea”. With Quyuan Road on its east, Wuyun Street on its south, Yingxi Road on its west, Qianqiu Street on its north and North Zhongxing Road in the middle of the parcel, it divides Yuyingfang into the eastern and western parts. The whole block covers a total area of 20 hectares, including the business area of about 100,000m2 and enjoys the greening rate as high as 56%. The beautiful mother river passes across Yuyingfang and constructs a beautiful natural and humanistic landscape. 

Taking full advantage of the rich tourism resources in Deqing and relying on the geographical advantage to be close to Hangzhou, Hangzhou Backstreet fully absorbs the leisurely lifestyle of Great Hangzhou. The 100,000m2 area adopts the overall commercial arrangement with the two major themes of “leisure and recreation” and “tourism and culture”. It takes the Yuying River which crosses the street as the blue print, uses modern method to express the architectural art in Southern China, combines traditional Chinese garden and court methods, represents the prosperity on Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival and opens the door of fortune for the economic zone of the Great Hangzhou.


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